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citrix license reallocate to new servers



Hi All,


We're working to build a new 1912 LTSR Cu3 site and will have users migrated to the new site in phases.  We just installed citrix license server and want to use the existing licenses on new environment.  Is there a way to assign the the existing citrix licenses to the new license server without disturbing the current license check in check out(7.15 cu5 environment). We want to use the new license server only when the 1912 cu3 site is up and running and will have users migrated in phases.  


I'm not sure if this is possible- download the existing license files with new license server hostname and map it but don't allocate the licenses to the 1912 cu3 site. And continue to use the same licenses on 7.15 cu5 license server.


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Thank you Carl. Just want to double check, this citrix article https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/licensing/current-release/manage-licenses-myaccount.html#modify-licenses---returns-and-allocates-licenses-to-another-license-server says returning allocations will put the licenses back in the pool so that they can be allocated to any other license server.


I'm slightly confused will that affect the the existing the license server allocations. Also, it says once returned we can't undo the action. Can you advise, please


I've copied the content below from the article. 


Return allocations

Returning allocations puts the licenses back in the licensing pool. You can then allocate these licenses in any quantity at any time. For example, you’re decommissioning a License Server, but you’re not ready to deploy existing licenses elsewhere.

Select the check box of the licenses you want to return.

From the Select an action menu, choose Return allocations.

Select Yes, process return. If you choose this option, you cannot undo it.





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Just to double check.

We have 1850 user/device licenses purchased for 7.15 cu5 site. if I return all of them and allocate to a new license server in 1912 cu3 site.  Does that mean the 1850 user/device licenses will be shared across both sites until we decommission the existing license server  in 7.15 site so the licenses will be fully allocated to new site. is my understanding correct?

I need to ensure that we don’t run out of licenses if they’re being shared on both sites.  
 Also, is it possible to modify the licenses and allocate them to new server or return and reallocate is the only way forward?


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