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Citrix Workspace refusing to uninstall



Hi all,


This is a rather long story however I'll break it down in a few points:


  • I recently encountered a lot of BSODs on my Windows Computer
  • As part of the triage I was suggested by a Community Expert on Windows Forums to uninstall Citrix entirely so that we could test without it installed as it appears to be the case that drivers are causing problems, and in doing so I was running the Windows Driver Verifier tool (verifier.exe) - In doing so I needed to create a system restore to roll back to as the tool often causes failed boots.
  • End result, this time around, I uninstalled Citrix Workspace, among other things, and then used the tool, after reaching the point at which I would perform a System Restore, I realised that I had not taking a snapshot before I started the tool, thereby forcing myself to roll back before I uninstalled Workspace.
  • This has caused an issue, in that when attempting to uninstall I then met an issue of it saying: "The global document path cannot be retrieved"
  • After seeing this, I began playing and trying to force it to recognise that it wasn't installed in the hopes that it would initiate a reinstall followed by enabling me to uninstall
  • I moved the Citrix folder from the C:\Program Files (x86) folder into the recycle bin and initiated a reinstall, this processed through successfully, and Citrix was functional from that point, HOWEVER, it no longer appears under Programs and Features, meaning that I cannot uninstall it.
  • I'm not 100% certain that Citrix fully installed itself properly but rather just restored files back, sort of like a 0% -> 100% instantly type thing when installing.


The problem I have now is that:


  • I cannot uninstall Citrix Workspace because it does not show up in Programs and Features


I found the Receiver Cleanup utility embedded inside its own files under C:\Program Files (x86)\Citrix\Citrix WorkSpace 2109 - but running it changes nothing and attempting to install does nothing either.


Any ideas on how I can remove Citrix from my device? Let me know if you need any information.


I am no longer able to System Restore back before whatever I did.

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I am no longer able to System Restore back before whatever I did.
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