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Image lagging on an external monitor

Matheus Gonzalez Lopes


I am using the Citrix Workspace app on a 2020 Macbook Pro M1 with 8Gb of memory and 256Gb of storage.  I'm a doctor and I access my clinic's carestream pacs/ris by citrix at home. When I'm reading an exam in the native monitor of my notebook I can roll the images of a CT or MRI in a smooth an easy fashion. When I connect my notebook to an external display and try to roll the images of an exam, it becomes slow, with a lot of lag and images get like a mosaic. I already tryied to use different monitors, usb-c to hdmi adapters and hdmi cables. I also tryied to access the citrix by safari, chrome and firefox and to decrease the monitor resolution and the mouse rolling speed. Nothing has worked so far. Does anybody have an idea of what the problem is and how to fix it?

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