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Winlogon unexpectedly terminated

Robby Lambrechts




For one of our clients I setup a Citrix environment. I've setup new 2016 servers for a clean start, there are also old 2016 server which are running fine in production, but there are a couple of problems on it and I wanted to start with a clean state. I've setup the newly created template server via the manual way (thus not via MCS). I've created a template server and deployed new machines from this template. put those computer back in workgroup environment and rejoined them to the domain with a new name.


On the machines I registered the VDA with the Citrix Delivery Controller and added the machine to the machine catalog via AD and the status is "Registered". All looks okay. However when I want to connect to the published desktop with the Citrix client to the newly deployed server I get nothing no logon screen, completely nothing. If I look in the event viewer, I get the following error: Source winlogon => Event ID: 4005. "The Windows logon proces has unexpectedly terminated". However if I use RDP to connect to the server and put the standard user in the "Direct User Access" security group I can logon normally. So most likely this problem is Citrix related.


I've googled and found the RDS licensing is not configured correctly, I've changed this to local policy setting and I get no errors anymore, so I don't think this is the case. All Citrix services are running.


I'm currently using Citrix VDA 7.9. This is the last thing I can remember is to maybe update this to a new version. However the old servers were also running VDA 7.9 and those have no problem.


Maybe I forgot something during the deployment proces, but I did this twice and I've got the problem twice, so the new server don't work..


Hopefully you could help me out. Thank you!

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