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Takes HOURS for apps to appear in Workspace app after adding user to a Delivery Group

Gwyn Williams1709162899


CVAD 7 2106 and Workspace app 2108


I have a Machine Catalog that uses MCS to create Windows 10 desktops, and Delivery Group to publish only applications from them.  If I set my Delivery Group to 'Allow any authenticated users to use this Delivery Group' then I have no issues, i.e. I install Workspace app on a new user's PC, I reboot it so that SSON kicks in, and voila, the apps appear.


However, if I switch the Delivery Group to 'Restrict use of this Delivery Group to the following users', then whatever I add there (even if I explicitly add AD users to that screen) then it will take hours and hours for any apps to appear in Workspace app for the user. Very odd. In the meantime, the user just sees an empty Workspace app and the authentication popup on top. Then several hours later, usually overnight, the apps will magically appear.


I don't use any Application Groups

I don't use limit visibility on any of the apps

It's not due to AD replication because it behaves like this when I add users directly (not through AD group).

And when I say 'new' users, I don't mean new to the domain, I just mean new to Citrix. The user accounts have existed for years.


I've had this issue ever since I built the farm a couple of months.


Anyone heard of something like this before?



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