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Cant install PVS_Device_x64 - Fails CDF at "CDF 64 Bit"

Jim Smith1709157654


Hi all, 


I am trying to create a new master target of WIndows 20H2.


The image has been produced by our SOE team.


When I run PVS_Device_x64 from the ProvisioningServices715_39 iso I receive an error saying "The installation of CDF 64-bit has failed. Setup will now exit"




The logs show;







I have read this post https://www.virtualvemula.com/2020/02/the-installation-of-cdf-64-bit-has.html and tried to install the CDF component by running cdf_x64.msi

but get this;



The log shows




I have not installed the VDA component on this image but nevertheless I have ran the VDACleanupUtility as its suggested in various articles including  https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/390790-target-device-installation-fails-on-cdf-64-bit/ but doesn't help.


I've also tried running the iso for ProvisioningServices7_15, ProvisioningServices7_15_1 and 7.18 (Our environment is LTSR 7.15) but it always bombs out at the same stage with the same error message.  


So basically I cant complete the PVS Target device installation and therefore cant progress to running the wizard to capture the image.


Any help is greatly appreciated...


Many THanks





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