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Office 2016 and other layers are crashing explorer.exe consistently after installation of KB4023057, KB5006667, KB890830

Joshua Cave


After installation of KB4023057, KB5006667, KB890830 and finalizing gold image, boot up other layers results in explorer.exe crashing repeatedly.  I have tried a solution provided by citrix to reference https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX264843, which did not resolve the issue.  

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I have a work around that solves my issue.  It looks like at some point between updating the OS and other recipe layers in the past, some recipes were booted up and changes were made.  During which, Microsoft Edge was opened and an update was installed to the app layer instead of the base.  Upon updating the base, it created a conflicting version between the base and the app layer.  In this instance, I was able to open appwiz.cpl and quickly double click edge and run a repair on Edge.  Doing so immediately stopped Explorer from crashing. 


Since Edge cannot be uninstalled I am left with continually updating edge in multiple layers or recreating layers and avoiding using Edge as a browser on that app layer in the event an update to edge is available but the base image has not been patched yet.

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