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Storefront Timeout - hit Log on and it logs on without authentication

Richard Cowan1709159918

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Users are hitting the gateway - logging in using azure mfa and able to launch desktop. If they are in storefront and just leave it to timeout it logs out leaving you back to a button that says log on. You click that and it logs you into storefront again without authenticating. This is a major security issue for shared Pc's in an office.


I changed the webconfig in storefront so the timeout doesnt disconnect but logsout. In my tests I logged out of storefront and it stopped me from accessing when i hit log on button and instead told me to close the browser window.


Any guidance much appreciated

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Azure AD via SAML connected by netscaler gateway. I pass through it and sit on storefront. wait until it times out which is now set at 6mins. when it logs you out just click the log on button and it fires me into storefront without requesting my login details. If i choose to logout of storefront then when i hit the log on button it forces me to reauthenticate



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