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Citrix Workspace App for Chrome OS - White screen

Chris Holloway


Using Citrix Workspace App for Chrome OS, user gets white screen when trying to launch the desktop.

This is a non managed Chromebook so no Google Admin account.

App was working fine last week, unable to view the Chromebook's OS history, but don't believe it was due to an update. Running the latest version.

Have uninstalled and reinstalled the app, disabled hardware accelerated decoding via chrome://flags.

I am unfamiliar with Chromebooks, so their may be something obvious I am missing.

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I'm having an increasing number of customers reporting the same (on both Chromebooks and Chromium OS devices) within the last week. It only happens if there is a single desktop available so that it auto-launches. After logging in, the screen goes white with no "connecting" or spinner. A successful login has actually taken place though as it can be seen in Studio and if you login from Windows, it reconnects you to an existing session. My workaround is to publish a second dummy desktop in maintenance mode so that they have to pick the desktop to launch

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