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Is it possibile to set up two ADC VPX 12.1 (55.13 and 62.27) in High Availability without upgrading or downgrading any of them?

Andrea Piras

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Hi all,

I've tried to find some info about "internal HA versions" of builds 55.13 and 62.27, to see if there is any chance that I can put these two ADC VPX in HA mode, but I wasn't that lucky.

Basically I'm trying to know if I can put two ADC VPX with 12.1 Firmware release on both of them, but one with build 55.13, and the other one with build 62.27, without downgrading the most updated one, or upgrading the older one, and, of course, without causing any trouble to the production environment.


Citrix, in this article https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/12-1/upgrade-downgrade-citrix-adc-appliance/upgrade-downgrade-ha-pair.html#:~:text=The above mentioned functionalities works,changed in Citrix ADC build., says that I should see the releases notes of each build to see if I can put them in HA mode, but I can't find any info about internal HA versions...


I hope you can help me.

Thank you in advance.

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Thank you for the reply.


But I was trying to put two ADC with a little different firmware versions, but maybe with the same "Internal HA version", in HA anyway. I guess I wan't going anywhere.


Anyway, I eventually downgraded the new one (the one that had 62.27) to the same firmware version of the pre-existing (55.13), taking the old build file .tgz that was still on the old appliance, and installing it on the new one (in this case it's a downgrade).


Thank you again.

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just to add:

theoretically it is possible to have a firmware version difference - but just as martin said: the netscaler appliances will automatically disable any configuration sync, so if you didn't have the HA established before, you won't be able to get the same configuration on both nodes. If you have a HA with a sync established on same firmware versions and upgrade one of them, the HA itself still works (such as failover) but as soon as you do any configuration changes, they won't get synced to the secondary appliance

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