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Graphic issues with NX (CAD) in Citrix over WAN/LAN connection

Roger Norrgaringrd




We are investigating issues with graphics performance running NX on Citrix over both WAN and LAN.

Clients are located in US and India, Citrix installation is located in Sweden.

When opening models in NX in Citrix, graphics are showing up somewhat blurry, it's like degrading graphics?

Outlines are not sharp for example. Same models are showing up perfectly on local workstations.

We let some users try to connect through Remote Desktop directly to the server, by-passing Citrix, and it also shows up ok.


This is the environment we're using now.

VMware Hypervisor ESXI 6.7.0

GPU: 16 Nvidia M6 Gpu's, 4 GPU's per server. Nvidia vGPU Software 13, Windows driver 471.68

OS: Windows Server 2016 (latest updates)

VDI: Citrix virtual apps and desktops, 1811


I've inherited this environment and don't know if the pollicys are correct?

We have contacted Siemens who states that graphic issues should be adressesd to Citrix/Nvidia.

We also have asked if the environment is supported but haven't received an answer yet?

So i'm not sure where or what the problem could be? But since connecting through Remote Desktop and the issue is not showing up I assume it's a Citrix issue?


I understand that it's not easy to see the problem, but any ideas or pointers are welcome.


Feel free to ask questions since i'm out of ideas.



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Hi Roger,


maybe you can run RD Analyzer at an endpoint session with this trouble. https://rdanalyzer.com/

And share what the actual endpoint is using for settings. 

F.e. this are currently mine:



If you connect via RDP your quality is loseless, you can force this also conncted trouth ica but this can cause some other problems(bandwith/performance).

You can simply test it by adding the Citrix Graphics Indicator into your policies and can toggle it while the session is established.


After this you can switch "loseless" in the task try my clicking rightclick on the indicator symbol


Depending on your endpoint / endpoint configuration this could disable your video codec usage. And your almost as far as with RDP.

The problems resulting out of this are mostly performance lags, especially if you want such applications as NX or other moving images.




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