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Splunk Universal Forwarder installed on NetScaler VPX, anyone seen this before?

Simon Cooper

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this is very new to me.

Have a customer with NetScaler VPX v12.1 asking if it possible to upgrade the FreeBSD.

when asked why he says the latest release of his Splunk Universal Forwarder needs FreeBSD a later version than the v8.4 that is running on his NetScaler.

he says the universal forwarder is installed on his NetScaler!


So my first thoughts are not possible! never known any products install into the FreeBSD of a NetScaler, but he assures me this is the case.

I have been all over the Splunk web site and found no reference to installing onto NetScaler.

I have found a Universal Forwarder package for FreeBSD but nothing to say this can be installed on a NetScaler.

Citrix docs, KB articles etc. have no reference to this (that I can find)


So firstly, anyone out there seen or heard of this?

secondly, is this a supported install if it is possible?

thirdly, is the FreeBSD version upgraded when you upgrade to v13.0 or v13.1?


appreciate your thoughts



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