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About Protecting Gateway Virtual Servers with WAF

Marcelo Flores

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Hello Gents,


In the following link: https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/tech-zone/learn/poc-guides/protect-gateway-waf-bot-aaa.html#waf-protection


The HTTP Callout uses a dummy virtual server. This virtual server doesn’t need to be publicly available, so it can be non-addressable. The virtual server DOES need to be up, so the back end server needs to be up and responding on port 80. A new service and virtual server are created in this guide.


My question is: Which IP address I have to use for the server used for that service?  Could it be any?

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So dummy services there are two methods:  a) use the loopback address of as Julian shows or b) the other way you can do this is create a service on a place holder IP such as and disable monitoring so it is always up.

The callout vserver can then be on HTTP as a non-addressable vserver with no vip or port.  The callout is being used to intercept the web portion of the gateway so the waf/bot processing can occur.


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