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Search not working on W10 VDAs, only when FSLogix is enabled

Nick Panaccio


I know it's regarding FSLogix, but I'm asking this everywhere I can, as I'm having no luck figuring it out...


My environment:

  • CVAD 1912 LTSR CU3
  • Windows 10 20H2 VDA (non-persistent PVS)
  • FSLogix 2.9.7838.44263 (also happens with 2.9.7654.46150)
  • Folder Redirection via Citrix WEM (Documents to the OneDrive\Documents location)

In my FSL GPO, I have Store search database in profile container Enabled/single-user search, and in the image itself I have RoamSearch set to 1. When I login to my Citrix Desktop and create a brand new profile, I am unable to search for content in both File Explorer and the Search taskbar, even after a full OneDrive sync. Searching simply returns no results. If I rebuild the index, searching will start working, though I'm not sure if it will continue to index with new folders being created.


I have tried setting the Windows Search service to Automatic (Delayed Start) via GPP. This seems to enable me to search in File Explorer, but only if I'm in the OneDrive folder, where the search field displays Search OneDrive - tenant; If I'm in my redirected Documents folder, no results are returned.


If I disable the FSL services on the VDA and then login (fresh profile), searching works in both File Explorer and the Search taskbar, and Indexing Options shows that it appears to be indexing all of the OneDrive content; thousands of indexed items vs. ~600 when FSL is enabled.


The FSL logs all look fine. I can see that it knows Search Index roaming is enabled, and it successfully processes the commands. Has anyone else run into this? Or does anyone have any idea on what else I can try here? Being unable to search in a published desktop is a major issue. I do already have a ticket in with MS on this.

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