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Teams "Give control" option not visable

Rob Young1709151927


We are having an issue in 1912LTSR with the ability to give control within teams.  It is not an HDX issue (we have disabled this)  When a guest requests control from the presenter who is on a xendesktop.  The menu is not displayed.  The menu is there and if I perform a print screen, I can see it, if i click the area where the "give control" is located, I can give control.  We just cannot see it.  Even If I use a remoting tool to view the remote screen of the xendesktop, it is visable.  IT is only not visable to the Xendesktop user.





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Hi Rob


I'm not sure if this covers your exact use case but there are limitations with Teams on Citrix;


"Give control and take control:

Not supported during a screen sharing or application sharing session.

Supported during a PowerPoint sharing session."







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Solution: https://enterprise-support.nvidia.com/s/article/Invisible-Microsoft-Teams-Control-Bar-and-Minimized-Window-on-VDI

It worked for me. 


1) VMware provided the below registry key when using Blast protocol:

HKLM\Software\Policies\VMware, Inc.\VMware Blast\config

PixelProviderForceViddCapture REG_SZ : 1  

2) Citrix provided the below registry key:



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