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App-V single-admin mode publishing VDA 2109 some packages not able to start

Björn Schläfli


With vda 2109 2 of 5 app-v packages do not start anymore. Cannot launch application ...

We have a prod and a test version of 1 application. The test version is working, the prod one not with vda 2109. Both packages work with VDA 2103. Error: Cannot launch application

In another site we have 2 app-v packages published. One is working with vda 2109, one not. 

Any ideas for this?


Site is 2103, vda's 2109, Server 2016

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Seems to be related to vprefer. One of the 2 applications was installed in the image. As soon as I've uninstalled the application from appwiz.cpl the App-V launches correctly. 

The other application do not start and is not installed local in the image. App-V Logs for running applications and the not running one are identical.

There has to be some changes to App-V with vprefer since VDA 2106 cause starting from this version the app-v applications do not launch anymore but I can't find anythin related to it in edocs What's new.

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