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KMS issues for Window 10 VDIs (1912 CU3)

Andy White1709154166



Today I noticed our Windows 10 VDIs are only a few weeks away from having licensing issues as it seems they are have problems getting to the KMS server (which I know nothing about).

What I have tried from a Windows 10 VDI:




It's as if there are not enough licenses:





From the server I see this in the logs which is the VDI I'm trying from, what is interesting in the screenshot below is there are other VDIs in that list, but all seem to have the same ID's after their computer name, I thought they would be unique.


What could it be as it's been ok for as long as I can remember.


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The KMS server should be able to activate Windows clients if more than 25 unique clients has contacted the KMS server with activation requests. You will obviously also have to have a valid KMS product key configured in the KMS server.

You can find more information about KMS server here:
How to create a Key Management Services (KMS) activation host in Windows Server | Microsoft Docs

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We use the PVS server to update the vdisk, we take a version then turn on a VDI in maintenance mode and make the changes and optimise it then shut it down and then set the vdisk to production etc.


He is more info:


So the nslookup is now working - nslookup -type=srv _vlmcs._tcp


From the license server:


slmgr /dlv - https://pastebin.com/sJqPniwZ

slmgr /dli - https://pastebin.com/YCu5KQny


I'm not sure if it should say VOLUME_KMS_WS16 channel as it does, and not W10.


This from a Win 10 Citrix desktop, the partial key is different it seems the server and PC T83GX and Server PKDCQ.


From PC


slmgr /dlv - https://pastebin.com/xswmM7bg

slmgr /dli - https://pastebin.com/a12MiCWd


Also the Client Machine ID is (CMID): 454da463-bf90-44ba-9f22-9a1f51413028 if I log into another Win10 machine it's the same, so I've sure this should be unique, I have tried the /rearm when the vdisk is in maintenance mode and it says I must reboot which I do then try the above commands and it errors again about count reported by your Key Management Service (KMS) is insufficient. 


With PVS what is the best way to rearm?


Looks like I have about 50 days to sort this out.

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The slmgr /rearm should be the last thing you do before shutting down the golden image. If you reboot the golden image after slmgr /rearm,  Windows activates after booting up and you are back where you started and this is probably why you are not seeing unique CMIDs.

If you are updating your golden image using versions, slmgr /rearm is only needed once in the base golden image.

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Thanks Kasper for all your help, I'm not sure how it every worked for the past 2-3 years as so much was wrong, that last link you sent really helped.


The next plan is to upgrade Storefront to 1903 CU3, we have done the license server, PVS servers and tools on the images already.  I might open a new post, but we have 2 Storefront servers to upgrade that have director installed too, if we upgrade 1 will users be ok that are already connected and what about users trying to connect, or will there be downtime?

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Hi Andy,

You're welcome :)

Regarding StoreFront, if they are load-balanced via a Netscaler or a similar load-balancing box, your should be able to mark one of the StoreFront servers as down or in maintenance, then all requests should go to the other StoreFront server.
Then upgrade the StoreFront server, switch over to the new StoreFront server  using the same method as above and verify that everything works as expected. If everything works as expected, you should be able to upgrade the other StoreFront server with no issues.

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