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XA 7 LTSR UPM question around using Azure Files

Matthew Nation


Hey gang. We are currently running WS 2016, the current LTSR fully patched for multi-session hosted desktops. On prem AD with a sync to azure/365 (typical setup). 

All Citrix infastructure is hosted in azure, Citrix host the delivery controllers. Using MCS for provisioning. 

We have been using azure VMs for files servers for our UPM repo. We decided we wanted more scalability etc and moved this to a Azure file storage account (premium SSDs etc) . We have went live this week and onboarded around 100 users into this environment. currently spread across 6 VDAs. We're having problems with profiles where several users are ending up with a temp UPM profile and during the process of troubleshooting we're using procmon and filtering on access denies with the unc for the profile repository and seeing millions of "access denied" errors, also present on the storage account itself. it looks like the upm exe is trying to reach out into the storage account under the local machine context. So my question to you all is if you have deployed a similar environment, have you seen this issue and what options we may have. We do not sync machine accounts to AAD and would this possibly be the fix? if they're in AAD, we could assign them SMB contributor roles via a group but i'm not sure if it's a best practice to have your non-persistent VDAs in AAD or not. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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