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DELL tower servers not on HCL for 8.2. Their rack version is. Does it matter

Chris ampyuml


So, need to purchase a new server and speaking to DELL sales re T340 or T440 they say dell does support XenServer 8.2 on these platforms, they just haven't gotten round to getting them licensed so appear on HCL.


From experience and within reason I have found that Xen has worked regardless of whether the hardware is on the HCL.


My concern is if a problem does develop and need to speak with support they will take the easy option and state "its not on the HCL. Your on your own"! 


Any one any real world experience of the two server quoted running Xen8.2? Surely the hardware is the same between the tower and rack version of these servers?

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@Jose Pablo Benavides Yes I am aware. My bad as i meant to include in my original post that the R340 and R440 are on the HCL.


My thinking is that these are basically the same server, purchased in either rack mount or free standing format. A quick Look at DELL website the drivers are the same for both. Was thinking DELL took the cheap option and certified one but not the other.


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