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Users Receiving GPO Printers Not Mapped to them

Russ Gentry


Some, it appears to be random, users are receiving printers that are not mapped to them vioa Citrix Group Policy. It appears to always be this one printer GPO configuration, which is for a branch that has 3 printers. Branch 33


Our environment:

Windows 2016 Mutli-session VDAs, updated to September Windows Updates using VDA 2106, on-prem, some 70 VDAs

Citrix Group Policy configured within Group Policy Management, not sure which version probably 2106 or the one prior to that.

-the printers are configured via Citrix Group Policy by branch number, targeting the branch OU for the most part, though there are a few directly targeting specific users. All the printer configurations reside in (1) large printer GPO named Citrix printers. Its been built for close to 5 years with the normal alterations over time of adding printers, editing OUs and such. This specific affected printer configuration has not been modified in sometime.

Citrix Cloud

Ricoh printers all utilizing the same driver for most part

300+ users, 100+ branches, 3 different company divisions


The new Master/Golden was applied near the end of September. Standard Windows Updates, Chrome and Edge updates, and Adobe.


As I stated above it appears random, 2 days ago 20+ who did not need the printer, yesterday 6 people who had no use for the printer were added.

When I view the registry of a affected user I can see the 3 printers there, along with their own branches properly mapped printers normally 2 or 3 printers too. Removing the printers ensures the user does not receive the printer again, but as stated it appears random who receives it.


Another peculiar note is the user OUs. We have a number of divisions within the firm; A, B, C, D and such. Lets the affected printer configuration is for a branch in division B, the branches that recieve the printers unnecessarily are not within division/OU B from as far as I can tell. And this branch doesn't host other branches or conferences or as such.


Another minor note:

This affected printer configuration has a numerical name lower than that of some others. So its printers, named such as 303-printer01 and such are the 1st to be seen when printing a doc. Some often enough its the users in 33 who notify IT that something printed to them that they did not print.


Has anyone had this happened to them before? I'm told from the help desk this recently started or at least they were notified by users within the last month.

I looked in Event Viewer and I can see the policy being applied, but not the specific printers. I may have to turn GPO logging to see that granular.

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