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Citrix Hypervisor snapshot refresher...

Stephen D. Holder




So, I know in VMware when dealing with snapshots, there is a “delete all” snapshot option that kind of combines all existing snapshots into the one VM. This saves space by cleaning up excessive snapshots a VM may have attached to it.


I recently came to a client that has Citrix Hypervisor. Question: does the “delete all” snapshot element exists in Citrix Hypervisor? I’ve been looking around and don’t really see it. Client has six (6) snapshots on a single VM, and I’d like to consolidate them all at the very least only have the latest snapshot as the main instance.


I’ve played around with a test VM and it looks like I can delete independent snapshots, but at the end there will always been the main base image with an attached snapshot.



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Appreciate the response,


You’ll have to forgive my denseness as I must be having a brain freeze today. So, I took to the time to create a sample of what I’m dealing with.


If I’m understanding you correctly, in my example attached, I’d delete everything with a red arrow, leaving only the green arrow, which is the “Now”.


The “Now” object (snapshot?) has all the latest installs, patches, and everything I want to keep. I guess my concern is will deleting the initial Window 7 base file (most left red arrow) wipe out everything?


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Ahh right.. ok..


And yeah, that makes sense…. as each snap is dependent on the previous and base.


Ok, so then new picture...


I delete snaps in-between…and the latest snap (which in this example is U5) has all the latest patches, installs, etc – becomes part of the base image?


I’m trying to correlate or at least come up with an equivalent element of VMware’s “delete all snapshot” tool vs what is done in Citrix Hypervisor.



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Thanks gents,


With your help, I spent a little bit of time going over the snapshot process… I knew it wasn’t difficult.


Two test VMs and couple snapshots later, I’m back in action. Was able to clean up / consolidate customer snapshots to just the base with the latest patches, etc. and no snapshots.


Guess I was so use to the “delete all” option -  I was thrown for a loop when I didn’t see an equivalate in Citrix Hypervisor. Turns out the equivalent of “delete all”  is a manual effort independently deleting the existing snaps, which is fine.


Issue resolved!

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