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Citrix Policy "Allow Client Drive Redirection - User Policy" not applying

Jim Mulgrew1709163007


By default in our environment and for security purposes we do not allow our Citrix users to save to their local drives, we instruct them to save to their mapped home drives. There are certain groups and users who need to save locally so we also have an "Allow" override policy up at the top of the policy listings so it is one of the last things applied. When we set up on how/who we want to assign this to, it is set up to assign by Delivery Group (so any user launching an app from the specified delivery group sees their local drive) and we also assigned it by a "User or Group" where we could also add a domain group or domain ID. Now, I didn't set this up originally, just inherited the issue when someone reported it. Found something interesting when testing in our staging space. I put myself into the assign to "User or Group" section, logged in, opened Notepad, tried to see if I could save locally and did not see my C drive. Looked in Monitor and sure enough, I wasn't getting the "Allow" policy. Now if I launched Notepad from a server in the Delivery Group that is assigned to the policy, I can see my local drives. If I go and unassign the Delivery group from the policy and launch Notepad from any server, I also get my local drives and can see the policy being applied to my ID in Monitor. So it appears that having the Delivery Group defined in this policy, it overrides or supersedes the "User or Group" setting.  Anyone know why that is? And I am going to guess if I set up 2 "allow" policies, one having the Delivery Group defined, and another with "User and Group" defined. Everything will work fine? Thanks. 


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