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ShutdownForFinalize without Restart

Darryl Sakach


I am building an app layer for the Qualys Cloud Agent. To generalize the installation requires the network adapter be disconnected during install. This all goes fine, but when I execute the ShutdownForFinalize script (we have offload compositing selected) the VM restarts without reconnecting the network adapter. The network adapter is set to connect on power on, but a restart is not a power on.

How do I shut down the packaging machine with the ShutdownForFinalize script without having it restart? I believe a shutdown would allow me to then power on the VM, the network adapter would automatically connect, and offload composition would proceed normally.

I see a $norestart switch in the ShutdownForFinalize script, but am not certain how to effect this switch.

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This product recommends disabling the network adapter so that the newly installed software cannot reach out to the backend server and register with it. It has nothing to do with the network adapter itself.


That said I did find an answer to the challenge. I disable the network adapter, install the software then run:


"%ProgramFiles%\Unidesk\Uniservice\ShutdownForFinalize.cmd" -norestart


The norestart switch is passed to the ShutdownForFinalize script. It then performs a shutdown instead of a restart. I then simply have to power the VM on and the Network Adapter Connect at Power On setting works as expected. The offloaded composition proceeds as normal and finalizes the layer.

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