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What is the easiest way (and how) to setup Gateway for both ext and int access (with MFA)

Marko Juutinen

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What is the easiest way (and how) to setup Gateway  that uses Azure MFA for external and internal users ?  What needs to be done..?


External users work already via (Windows Hello) Azure  + FAS to on-premises Citrix.


How i can setup internal access to use same authentication mechanics ?  do i need to create a new internal gateway for internal users ? or can i somehow router traffic to from intra directly to same gateway ?


Plan is to use internal same auth and it is ok if ijnternal traffic flows thorugh the gateway as long as traffic remains within intranet.


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You can modify internal DNS to resolve the FQDN to your Gateway.


You can create a new Gateway with a new VIP and resolve internal FQDN to your new VIP.


You can modify StoreFront's HDX Optimal Gateway Routing to send ICA traffic through the Gateway without authenticating at the Gateway.

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