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Bulk Adding Machines To Catalog

Nishant Joshi


Need to add multiple machines to Citrix Catalog using Powershell , How do I do it ?

I know the command but how do I run for multiple machine using loop and get content from two files 

I tried this way , but didn't worked - Its adding only the first one (looks like I am not doing right loop for two variables )

The command I am doing is correct but need help  with PS script for adding multiple machines using loops. 




$MachineName = Get-Content "c:\temp\MachineName.txt"

$HostID =Get-Content "c:\temp\HostID.txt"

foreach ($MachineName in $MachineName)


foreach ($HostID in $HostID)


New-BrokerMachine -MachineName $MachineName -HostedMachineId $HostID  -CatalogUid 9 -HypervisorConnectionUid 2




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Fix your first for each loop ($Machine in $MachineName) as a starting point, then you’ll need to alter your new-brokermachine to reference the $Machine.MachineName


why the two files, that’s going to need validation and lookups/matching… can’t just pull into one and reference accordingly?

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