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Client Drive Mapping - allow download but block upload on a filtered criteria

Ken Z


Hi Citrites...


Using Citrix VAD 1912 CU3 and have a specific requirement.

I need to allow Client Drive Mapping for a specific group of devices, but users on those devices should only be allowed to download files from their sessions to their client devices. They should not be able to upload anything to them.


There is a Citrix policy that allows this level of control for HTML5 sessions as shown here.




but there is not equivalent setting for Citrix Workspace App connections. 

Anyone come across a similar requirement and found a workaround? 




Ken Z

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Hi sjoerd


Yes, tested all combinations prior to posting this question, but...


I've just retested this and Workspace App does allow uploads from local client drives to the session with the "Upload to Desktop" set to prohibited.

What version of CVAD and Workspace App is your client using? I'm testing with Workspace App (2107) and connecting to 1912 CU3




Ken Z

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