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User defined Printer Preferences not being retained

Dan Murch


Hi all,


We are using WEM to deploy the Printers to the users but unfortunately the Printer Preference changes aren't being retained. When a user logs off and back on, the settings are back to the default settings. 


For a test, we added a printer that wasn't being deployed via WEM and any changes to the printer are retained after logging off and back on so it just appears to be effecting the printers being deployed via WEM.


Profiles: FSLogix

Citrix VDA: 1912 CU3

WEM: 1912.1

Printers: Network Printers/Shared



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1 hour ago, Sjoerd Van den Nieuwenhof said:



Do you have this setting enabled:


Delete Network Printers at Startup. If enabled, the agent deletes all network printers whenever it refreshes.


Try disabling it and see if it's working. 


otherwise look at the Self-healing function. 


Self-Healing. Toggles whether the printer is automatically recreated for users when the agent refreshes.




Thanks for the response.


I've checked the below:


Delete Network Printers at Startup - This isn't enabled

Self-Healing - This was enabled. I've tried disabling it but it didn't make a difference?

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