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VDA 2106 on WS2016 and MCS with XenServer, random system crashes

Kjetil Ermesjo1709162960



40 VDA servers. VDA version 2106.0.0.30067.



Windows Server 2016

All VDA servers rebooted every night


This should be relatively straight forward setup, right? Full reset of system disk every day. Clean sheets and all that. And we see no problems most of the time. 

Until one of the servers stop working as expected. It is not the same server every time, and it happens seemingly at random times. 

It looks like 4 services stops:



Security Accounts Manager (SAM)

Citrix HDX HTML5 Video Redirection Service


My gut tells me this has something to do with SAM and security/computer account. Maybe related to the reboot and at the same time reset of the system disk every night. But even though I do see event log entries related to the problem situation, I do not see any log entries that looks to be related to the actual root cause of the issue. Only to the symptoms.


Any ideas?


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