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service group member down

Luan Swanepoel

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Hi there


I replaced one of two members (a StoreFront server) with a new one in a Service Group but for some reason it is marked as "down". 


The server is online and I asked the network admins to allow the NetScaler's source IP to communicate with it.


What could be possible reasons?




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What monitor do you have in use and what does the monitor say?

Did the storefront actually receive the store and is it fully propagated along with cert bound?  

>> Can you manually connect to https://<specific backend storefront ip>/Citrix/<StoreNameWeb> and see if the server is functioning?  This will confirm if the cert if bound and store is working on this server.

>> Check the event log for Citrix Delivery Service for any other storefront events...


If server actually works, but the storefront monitor is specifically failing, run a network trace (nstrace command) for more info. Or see if switching to a ping monitor works as an alternate to isolate the issue is monitor specific.  


Also, if your storefront monitor includes "check backend services: enabled", this monitor will fail if the storefront server isn't configured to allow this probe. Which might not be done, even if the rest of the store is working.  

See related:  https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX230711


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