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Updating VM memory - Db_exn.Read_missing_uuid

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Last month we updated the servers to XCP 8.2. 


Today when I was revising the /var/log/xensource.log I saw this:


Oct  4 00:41:16 XXX xapi: [error||54 |Updating VM memory usage D:96dd0a69967d|monitor_mem_vms] Unable to update memory usage for VM 2c1a728b-6061-bae3-f71a-d88a67786720: Db_exn.Read_missing_uuid("VM", "", "2c1a728b-6061-bae3-f71a-d88a67786720")


The machine (as the log says), doesn't exists:


[15:57 XXX ~]# xe vm-list | grep -A3 2c1a728b-6061-bae3-f71a-d88a67786720        


 This logs repeat at every two second approximately. 


I don't know what to do about this machine, because the log says that they can't update the memory, but the machine doesn't exists.


XCP Version:

[16:03 XXX ~]#  cat /etc/redhat-release
XCP-ng release 8.2.0 (xenenterprise)


Thank you in advance.



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8 hours ago, Tobias Kreidl said:

You may need to destroy that old VM if the host still thinks it exists.  This KB article may help: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX215974


Hello Tobias and thank you for the reply.


Since I did the xl destroy the log stopped showing the error:


[10:47 XXX ~]# list_domains | grep 2c1a728b-6061-bae3-f71a-d88a67786720
 19 | 2c1a728b-6061-bae3-f71a-d88a67786720 |    B H
[10:50 XXX ~]# xl destroy 19

Best regards,


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