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New Citrix host Xenserver 8.2 disconnects from XenCenter continually - Failed to connet to x.x.x.x.   Response from server does not contain valid XML.

Andrew Mare


Our latest Citrix hypervisor host v8.2 (Dell 640 hardware) continually disconnects from XenCenter.  Sometimes it re-establishes connectivity after 2 minutes and sometimes you have to wait longer to manually reconnect back to XenCenter.  If the host is unsuccessful in reconnecting back to XenCenter, the following event is logged in XenCente Notifications: 

Failed to connet to x.x.x.x.   Response from server does not contain valid XML.


It doesn't seem like a network issue as pings are stable and continuous when the host disconnects from XenCenter.  Also have looked at the switch ports and everything appears normal on them as well.  We have many other hosts with the same or similar hardware without this issue.  We've also completely reinstalled v8.2 fro m scratch but the same behavior persists.  Any thoughts on remedying this would be greatly appreciated.  2 screen shots attached. 



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