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Translate External VIPv4 Gateway to IPV6

Daniel Stier

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Hello Guys,


we want to have a SHARED Customer VPX instance that has only 2 NIC Interfaces. 


1.DMZ_Management NIC (NSIP)

2.DMZ Public NIC ( Here are the Public IPv4 IP's that will be the virtual Citrix Gateway Server for the Customer Access)


Due to Security aspects we can't add more (Customers Network) NIC's to the VPX instance.




The Goal is that User connect through Public VIPv4 and the communicatiuon to the Backend Customer (Citrix) Server ( Storefront and LDAP Servers) goes with IPV6


What do i have to configure in order to:


- translate the Public IPV4 VIP Adress to a IPV6 Adress?


I dont understand what i can to to relize this Goal?

Please help me folks.



Thanks in Advance



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