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1912 Default to categories view in StoreFront when collapsed


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Hello all,


Is there a way to land in categories view when the collapsed parameter is applied in StoreFront ?


This method mentionned by Matthew Greenbaum at https://www.citrix.com/blogs/2019/09/03/how-to-land-on-the-categories-view-in-storefront-1811/ works fine when the view is extended, but as we change to collapsed view, nothing happens and we still land in all apps instead of categories.

CTXS.Extensions.afterDisplayHomeScreen = function (callback) {

CTXS.Extensions.onViewChange = function (viewName) {
  if (viewName == 'store') {
    window.setTimeout(function () {
      var btn = document.getElementById('categoriesTabBtn'); //Get the categories button.
      btn.click(); //Click the categories button as if we are a user
    }, 1000); 
    //Wait 1 second after we switch tabs to make sure 
    //the view is loaded before we trigger our click.

Also found this code here https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/400408-storefront-1811-default-to-categories-view/page/3/ that seems to work with collapsed view but I am a little disapointed by the delay, it' like if you see the action of clicking on the categorie tabs even when changing the 100 delay.

 //Switch to Categories View after logon 

CTXS.Extensions.onViewChange = function (viewName) {

  if (viewName == 'store') {
    window.setTimeout(function () {

    }, 100);

And as a bonus question ?, how can we change the colors and size of the folders in categories?


Thanks a lot.

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