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Citrix ADC 13.1 - Admin Partitions and Routes

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I have an ADC Build 13.1 that I am reconfiguring for use within our network. I am wanting to separate the traffic into admin partitions as such to control access to individual load balanced networks and to limit the number of Super Admins within our company. I am familiar with Traffic Domains, however, based on what I have been reading, this is being moved out of favor for Admin Partitions and I don't want to go down the path of rebuilding an ADC in the future because the feature is deprecated. 


My Question:

When using Admin Partitions, I want to use a two armed strategy where the Virtual Server IP's are on one network VLAN, common to all Admin Partitions and the physical servers are in a different VLAN. While this question may sound simple, what is the best way for setting the default route for these networks? Do I set them on the root partition or do I need to set them in the admin partition? 

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