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Intermittent issue. Users will go to print but no printers are in the list. Logging out and back into Citrix resolves behavior.

Richard Ahlstrom1709162990


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We have been seeing similar issues in the past few weeks as well.  Updating the workspace client on the user workstation sometimes resolves, other times it's a matter of ending the Citrix session and grabbing a new one, often times more than once is required.  This is for non-persistent Windows 10 desktops using VDA LTSR 1912.0.200.2345 but we have tried other VDA versions as well without much luck.  Both local and network printers seem to be affected, it either correctly brings all of them into the session or none at all.  


We have a ticket open with Citrix but so far not making much progress.  

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This could be related to the recent PrintNightmare bug that was patched in Windows.   We had similar with printers not appearing because it was pulling a driver down from the print server, but now requires more rights (ie not just regular User) to install it.   Depending on the printers available to each user, you get odd behaviour like this.


We resolved by changing the network print server to use a V4 driver, which can be installed using only standard User rights.

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Do you run Adobe Acrobat or Reader?


Every time Acrobat auto-updates, it stops the Print Spooler, which in turn stops the dependent Citrix Print Service. Even if you have the Citrix Print Service set up to auto recover, printers won't enumerate again until the next logon. We've dealt with this for years, the only way for us to get rid of it was to use a registry hack to stop Acrobat from updating itself.

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