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Splunk SYSLOG not working only for SDX

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Hi Team, 


Recently we configured the new Splunk syslog servers on few vpxs and the same syslog server also configured on SDX, after that we have a some issue with splunk syslog server where in we are unable to see any logs in Splunk which are generated at SDX level but however we are able to see the syslog's which are generated on all VPXs (LB's) on Splunk server.


Management IP of SDX and Management IP of VPX's are in same subnet range and we also checked that no fw blocking network (port 514) in network patch between syslog server and SDX.


We have same kind of issue exist for list of SDX's in which syslog for VPX is working fine but not for SDX. what could be the exact issue ?


SDX hw: 11k and 15K

VPX software ver: 12.56 and later version 


Do we need to anything on Splunk syslog server for SDX ?  How to fix this issue?


Kindly help on this 



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