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Citrix Workspace App for Chrome does not use Proxy settings enforced via Google Admin policy

Bart de Ruijsscher


In our solution, we utilize a specific proxy server to allow access to our internal Citrix environment. We specify the proxy settings using a proxy auto-configuration file (PAC) which is used properly by the Chromebox devices affected.


Example contents for our PAC file:

function FindProxyForURL(url, host) {
    // If the hostname matches our internal Citrix servers
    if (dnsDomainIs(host, "internalcitrix-url.net") || 
        dnsDomainIs(host, "internalcitrix-url.net")
        ) {
               return "PROXY proxy.ourenvironment.com:3128";               
   // For all other URLs use direct 
   return "DIRECT";

When navigation using a browser on the Chromebox devices, we can see that the OS uses the settings specified in the PAC file. It results in our Storefront (albeit still in Chrome) being displayed properly.

However, when the Citrix Workspace App is launched (using the ICA data) to start a Citrix session, the Citrix Workspace App appears to ignore the proxy settings altogether. It results in the Workspace App not being able to connect to our internal environment since it doesn't utilize the proxy server.

How can we configure the Citrix Workspace App such that it will utilize the proxy settings enforced through the Google Admin console?

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Hi, I faced the similar issue, the PAC file information does not come through from the Chrome icon. To get around it is to publish  a separate Edge icon and open the Edge icon first. In that way the Chrome gets the PAC file once Edge icon bring that information to the connection. Hope this helps.

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