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Mechanism of the Least Connections Load Balancing Method when Weights are Assigned logic

David Grover

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Trying to figure this out.  3 servers with 3 weights    server1 = 2weight,  server2=3weight and server3=4weight

formula  gw = (active connections)(10,000/weight)   lowest result will get the connection


1st active - server3               server1 gw=5000     server 2 gw=3333  server3  gw=2500    server3 lowest

2nd active - server2             server1 gw=5000     server 2 gw=3333  server3 (1active) gw=5000     server2 lowest

3rd active - server 1              server1 gw=5000     server 2 (1active) gw=6666  server3 (1active)  gw=5000    server 1 and 3 tie - does it go to server 1 because it has least connections?

4th active -  looks like it should repeat same as top 3


In the document listed above the first 6 go to server3 ???  Where am I going wrong in the logic.

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