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Windows Server 2022 support for Xen-Desktop 1912 LTSR VDA


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Dear Christoph, 


I personally cannot answer your question but as a fellow admin in the field I do want to ask you why you do not consider switching to CR ? You see, I too have a silo of VDA servers running Windows Server 2012R2 where I cannot upgrade the currently running 1912LTSR to any later version so a new platform running a new Windows server version with a recent CR VDA version seems inevitable eventually.


Therefore I myself am already running tests using the latest CR version and I must say I like it and I'm not running into any major roadblocks yet. Have you tried 2106 CR yet as of late ?

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11 minutes ago, Kelan Rowe said:

If your current DDCs are 1912 LTSR and you do not want to change, latest CR VDAs can be used with those DDCs.
So it would be possible to keep existing 1912 LTSR infrastructure, and add some 2022 CR VDAs


FAQ: Virtual Apps and Desktops and Citrix Hypervisor Long Term Service Release (LTSR)


Can a customer use a Current Release (CR) VDA with LTSR version Controller?

Customer deployments that mix CR and LTSR components are not eligible for the benefits of LTSR. For example, customers might want to retain their core management infrastructure components on the LTSR, but move the VDA to latest CR for certain use cases such as a new OS platform support (for instance, Windows Server 2019). In these cases, customers can mix LTSR controllers with CR VDAs, but customers should be well aware of the risks involved in running mixed servicing options environments. Here are some key things to remember in this situation: 

·       The site is no longer LTSR compliant and not eligible for the benefits of LTSR including extended support. 

·       VDA support will be via CR path and lifecycle. Please reference the Servicing Options product lifecycle pages for more information on CR support and maintenance periods. 

·       Latest CR VDA only works with the most recent LTSR release Delivery Controller with the latest Cumulative Update. E.g.., 1906 VDA will work with latest 7.15 LTSR Controller CU only. Citrix will not go to any extended efforts to make the latest CR VDA work with 7.6 LTSR Controller CUs. 

Not all features available in a CR VDA might work in a mixed deployment as some features might require both management components and VDA upgrades. In some cases, a newer Citrix Workspace app might be required. Please review documentation to learn about specific feature support requirements. 

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