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Azure MCS Build Process - Creates a Network Security Group with Deny-ALL for Prepped VM

Edgar Marcha1709162559


My question can you just deleted this Dynamically created Network Security Group that was created during the Prep VM process.

**Network security Groups (NSG) are created next and they will isolate the prepped VM from the rest of the network.**
example  of this dynamically created NSG - Citrix-Deny-All-a3pgu-def0b092-7317-4e43-b8d8-a6c4c854c01d
We are in the process of cleaning up in Azure and this is one of those sticky questions, if anyone have tried or tested this.

Will deleting this NSG have impact on maintenance of the Machine Catalog - adding machine, updating image and catalog.



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we were in the same place. MS Azure didn't provide enough VMs of type D*as_v4 between 08/21 and 11/21 (west europe), so many of our deployments failed with "nope, won't get your VMs pal".
Resource groups looked like this:


I opened a case with citrix support, was advised that it's save to delete these left-overs. But don't forget to check if you have any deployments running at the time you're trying to delete those resources. Best to check whether they're attached to any VMs/NICs before you delete.

We removed around 40 NSGs and 2 Disks, had no issues.


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