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"WR_" endpoint name showing up with connection failures

James Thillo


We are seeing random connection failures.  In each failure the endpoint name comes up as "WR_random_string".    You might click fives times and it works with the actual endpoint name coming up and then on the sixth time it fails and shows the "WR_" name.   We have three storefront servers  but a connection  has worked and failed on each one.    They are not connecting with HTML5 and they could be coming in from the internet or internally.   I have been told the OverrideIcaClientname is disabled.      The client doesn't get an error message, the app is clicked on, spins for a second and then stops with nothing happening.    Local workspace versions are 1912 and higher.


When I search for the user in Cloud monitor to get the error it is just "Other"


Other says:

A session has been reported as terminated from the VDA after the client has initially contacted the VDA but before it completed the connection sequence.

Recommended Actions

- Verify if the session was not terminated by the user before launch.   -- the user did not terminate session

- Try re-launching the session, if the problem persists, collect CDF logs and contact Citrix support.   -- you can relaunch the session successfully (you may have to click a couple of times)  but it happens often enough to annoy user and have them complain.


Any ideas?

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