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Netscaler Name server configuration - : Failure - No MIP/SNIP available to send the monitor probe

Campbell Kay

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Hi Guys,

Struggling to configure what i thought the simplest part of the NetScaler.. 


i cannot seem to get my NAME SERVERS to come online, they are in a different subnet that the NetScaler, i can ping them completely fine. so i dont think i need any routes or anything.


But when i add them in, they are always in a DOWN state and DNS doesnt work. 


in the newnslog, i get the below error


Failure - No MIP/SNIP available to send the monitor probe


did i need to create a SNIP on that same subnet, or what exactly does it want? 


any idea's feel im missing something very basic here ?




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Glad you figured it out; here's a little more info for you about SNIPs and the ping behavior.

Some traffic relies on the NSIP, but most ADC to backend communication in response to load balancing (etc) requires a SNIP.

A SNIP (subnet ip) is required for traffic to egress to  given network destination (or to a network that can then route to where you want it to go).


Also note, that by default, a ping from the cli or shell will source from the NSIP.  

Use ping -s <SNIP> <destination ip>  to test if a ping using a specific SNIP can reach its destination. 



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