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on Prem ADM 13.1-4.43 Check for existing classic policies not working?

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I'm trying to test our on prem ADM (13.1-4.43) pre-upgrade validation check for classic expressions. However, when I create a maintenance job to upgrade an on prem test ADC 13.0-82.42 to 13.1.-4.43 which contains classic expressions I don't get any error messages or any indication that a policy check occurred.

On  Prem ADM 13.1-4.43


According to the release notes ADM 13.1-4.43 is supposed to check for existing classic policies during the pre-upgrade validation report and displays an error message. I found a screenshot on  https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-application-delivery-management-service/citrix-application-delivery-management-service.pdf of what I was expecting to get.



Is the ADM 13.1-4.43 pre-upgrade validation check for classic expressions for ADM Service (Cloud) only and not on Prem or am I doing something incorrect?



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I'm not sure what why your check isn't running but I can confirm that on-prem ADM did the classic policy check for me.


Granted, it didn't give me any useful info other than most of my appliances failed the policy check.  Eventually I found out that the "cmp parameter" setting had a policytype flag that was set to Classic which was triggering the check.


Running "unset cmp parameter policytype" cleared the ADM check.


The ADM check completely ignored the fact that CGW Session policies still use Classic and after upgrading the appliance, the CGW classic session policies are still working fine.  So I guess the whole "classic policies are completely deprecated" is false.

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