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Upgrade to VPX Upgrade Breaks VPN

Said Muhammed

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I've recently upgraded to release . We had a working VPN deployment and now while VPN clients can still make the connection, launching certain applications is failing for users using the VPN. Those same applications can be launched by internal clients. Specifically a client server application with a SQL backend.

It appears that DNS is not functioning well as server names cannot be resolved unless the FQDN is explicitly used. 

I've tested pinging from NSIP and SNIP (using the -S switch).

DNS servers are reachable it appears but not consistently. Is there a known issue with


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We ran into the same issue. We opened a ticket and were given the following commands. It did resolve the issue. I can't remember if we used value 1 or 0. 



root@ns> shell
root@ns# nsapimgr_wr.sh -ys enable_vpn_dns_override=1
root@ns# nsapimgr_wr.sh -ys enable_vpn_dnstruncate_fix=1

root@ns# echo "nsapimgr_wr.sh -ys enable_vpn_dns_override=1">> /nsconfig/rc.netscaler
root@ns# echo "nsapimgr_wr.sh -ys enable_vpn_dnstruncate_fix=1">> /nsconfig/rc.netscaler

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