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Android 11 - 802.1x WIFI configuration - Domain Mandatory

Daniel Schwarzkopf1709162539



with Android 11, a domain is mandatory to set for the WIFI-profile.

If I open a pushed WIFI config on an updated device to Android 11, it tells me that you need to type in something in the domain field. Otherwise, it will not save it.

The same WIFI-Profile was working on Android 10 and below devices. 


In the WIFI-Config in Endpoint Management console it is mentioned, that you can type in optional Identity and domain in the field "Identity". However, I do not find the correct syntax how to specify the domain there. I tried with "domain\Identityname" or "identityname@domain" but the field Identity never gets filled once the profile was pushed to the device. 


Does anyone know how to specify it there? I did not find anything about that issue so far.




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