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User layer & Azure registration. Password change leads to 404 with identity provider

Ben Williams1709155226


We have a new desktop running in a new domain. We have a tenant in Azure. When we logon to Teams, OneDrive, etc the users are prompted to allow the device to be registered in Azure.


Everything works flawlessly until a user changes their password. After a reboot, the credentials entry dialog box fails to appear and we receive a HTTP 404 error connecting to our OKTA fed auth server.


We can overcome this by deleting the entire user profile disk. Obviously this is a non-workable solution. We have also deleted the local user credentials. This has not helped.


We are attempting to follow this document from MS, however the user layer captures everything:




How do we omit content from a disk that by it's nature is meant to capture all settings? Is using a user personalisation disk supported in this environment?





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Is it possible to have the suggested files deleted at logout by a script?


Have to say, I tried using User Profile Layer and found it unreliable.   Now we give persistent VMs to those who need them, and FSLogix does a good job of user profile roaming for everyone else - and you can exclude whatever folders you want very easily with that.  The persistent VMs work much better than the UPL ever did.

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