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XenServer 8.2 Quad Network Card

Sean Hulbert1709162565


I am running Xenserver 8.2 my hardware is a Dell R720 with Quad network card x2 1Gbps x2 10Gbps. 

Network Map:  Network 0 = NIC 3 = 1Gbps and Network 1 = NIC 4 = 1Gbps then Network 2 = NIC 0 = 10Gbps  Each of these networks are segmented in to their own network.  Network0 is management network 172.90.x.x, Network1 is isolated VMs 10.10.x.x and Network 2 is 10.60.x.x.


Ok now my problem is that Network 1 drops it literally says disconnected, I have tried a xe tool stack reset to see if it would bring it up, I have also tried ifconfig eth2 up and nothing.  Only thing that brings it back up is a complete reboot.  


Has anyone experienced this?


I am about to reinstall the OS again.


Thank You in advanced 

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There are some bugs in the connected/disconnected state, not sure about the 8.x series. Do you loose your networking to your VM's?

Is the network card on the HCL?  Also, never heard of a card 2x1Gb and 2x10Gb, do you mean you have a quad 10Gb and two links

are running 1Gb? You might have to set speed/duplex for those 1Gb connections. Is all of your firmware up to date ?




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