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SDK 21 migrate app to SDK 26 - COMPATIBILITY

Reinaldo Olguin1709162949


Please advise if there is any incompatibility or loss of functionality when compiling with the MDM SDK

Our application uses:

• Minimum SDK 21 and target Android SDK 26
Android versions on devices:
    - Android 8 (currently used)
    - Android 11 (which requires updating)

• Devices
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (current device in store)
    - Android 8
    - Galaxy Tab Active 3 (target device for S7 update)
    - Android 11
    - Galaxy tab active pro (target device for S7 upgrade)
    - Android 11

We have functionality developed with Native Android / java
- we use the camera
- internet connectivity

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Current minSdkVersion for Android MAM SDK is 24. So, if app is trying use minSdkVersion smaller than 24, then it will fail to compile the project.

targetSdkVersion 26 should not be a problem with MAM SDK but I think Google Play requires that apps target API level 29 or higher.


Android MAM SDK currently supports only MicroVPN tunneling feature. It doesn’t support Containment, Compliance. So, apps can continue using app specific functionalities as is.

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