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ADM event alerts show site name or tags

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Using ADM service I have hit a wall preventing us from implementing it at scale. When we monitor many instances, we need the alerts sent by the event engine to be more specific. Either we need the site name or some sort of tag to be included in the alert to narrow down the instance in question. Below is an example of the alerts received, which is not specific enough for us. Host name and Instance IP is not always unique and under our control.


Major: entitydown-LB_some_service?fqdn.local?443 ADCservice ADC Critical Alarm

Time : Sep 19 2021 00:10:14 GMT
Instance IP Address :
Host Name : NS01
Category : entitydown
Severity : Major
FailureObject : LB_some_service?fqdn.local?443
Region : US
Information : IPAddress :, Port : 443, svcGrpMemberFullName : LB_some_service?fqdn.local?443, Entity :, Device_entity_type : servicegroup, Device_entity_name : LB_some_service?fqdn.local?443, Device_family : ns
Alert from citrix.cloud.com / ADCservice

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