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Hi Guys,


a customer is planning an ADC Advanced for configuring reverse proxys for some Web Applications. Authentication on the LBs will also getting used.

In addition we want to use Form SSO for passing the Login Credentials of the User to the proxied Web Application Backend.


The case for 3 different Web Applications seems to be similar, as i can see in Chrome Developer Mode: User Credentials are getting transferred by HTTP POST to a Login URI, the Web Application is passing back a Token in json Format, which is used in the next GET request in the Authorization Header.


Form SSO doesn't seem to work fine for that case - the credentials (username / password, already acquired in AAA nFactor Flow) are getting passed to the Web Application Login URL as we configured in the Form SSO Profile, a successful Login is also recognized in the Log of the Application Server.


But the Access to the Web Application doesn't work, because the next request doesn't contain the Token that is passed back from the Web Application - which is intended from the Web Application.


Anyway, the Login Process seems to be a very siple OAUTH Mechanism.


Now the question - is there any change to achieve a working SSO by ADC using a OAUTH Action for a Case like this?


Many Thanks & best regards


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